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Motorola Droid Rooted

It was only a matter of time.  Verizon’s flagship Android handset was finally rooted the other day. For those with Droids, I highly suggest you get the rooted ROM before an OTA patch is pushed.

The MAME Cabinet

I found out that a friend of mine and his buddy just completed their MAME cabinet project. The cabinet utilizes a PC (specs unknown,) Windows XP as the host operating, with GameEx, Mame 0.123, MESS, and nullDC as the emulation software. I’m really digging the glowing trackball and buttons, and the multitude of different classic […]

Homemade Directional Wifi Dish – Part 1

This thrown together hunk of junk was made in a matter of fifteen minutes, but significantly improves my ability to detect and use access points previously untouchable by my consumer-grade USB Wifi adapter, the DWL-G122. I salvaged the dish from my roof, of which I didn’t even know existed until I went out back the […]

Laptop Revival – Part 2

I was finally able to get all of the critical parts that I needed to put my beloved but obsolete Gateway Solo 9500 laptop back to working condition again. Since I’m seriously considering putting this whole motherboard into a custom case of some sort, I decided not to buy new screws and/or keyboard keys. I […]

Laptop Revival – Part 1

Patient: Gateway Solo 9500 My goal is to get this eight year old laptop to full working condition, without spending a lot of cash. Some of the problems I might encounter during this procedure are: Missing Screws (though might not be a problem if I find another suitable enclosure) Overheating CPU, on a count of […]

Homebrew Multi-Touch Pad

This is my crappy version of those $10k touch screens that allow multiple inputs. The software I used was TouchLib, and I followed several tutorials from A big thanks goes out to cerupcat for this ingenious yet cheap and simple implementation. Parts needed: A webcam with high FPS. A small to medium size box. […]