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VibeStreamer: Remotely stream your music library

There’s many different solutions out there that give you the ability to access and share your collection of music over the net. Many of them of work, sort of. It really depends on how you want to present your music to the user and how much functionality you’re willing to give access to. In this […]

Motorola Droid Rooted

It was only a matter of time.  Verizon’s flagship Android handset was finally rooted the other day. For those with Droids, I highly suggest you get the rooted ROM before an OTA patch is pushed.

Is it down for everyone, or just me?

Been busy for a while, but I’m definitely not going to let the site rot. So here’s an update for those who have been waiting. Ever try to visit one of your favorite websites for your daily dosage of internet vegetation, only to be disappointed by a 404 Error? I found a fairly useful tool […]