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VibeStreamer: Remotely stream your music library

There’s many different solutions out there that give you the ability to access and share your collection of music over the net. Many of them of work, sort of. It really depends on how you want to present your music to the user and how much functionality you’re willing to give access to. In this […]

How to rip textures from Shaiya

I recently came across a relatively new MMORPG called Shaiya from Aeria Games. The first thing that came to my mind was, “I’ve got to build a bot for this game.” Instead of taking the long and grueling route of reverse engineering incoming/outgoing packets and having to deal with updated versions of the game (blah […]

Ventrilo Channel Mover

Here’s a very simple and nearly useless script I made awhile back. Hopefully, some of you may get some joy out of it. The purpose of the Ventrilo Channel Mover is to annoy your fellow Ventrilo users. To use, make sure Ventrilo is open, and you are currently connected to a server. Open Ventrilo_Channel_Mover_1.0b.exe and […]