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Homemade Directional Wifi Dish – Part 1

A frontal portrait of my uni-directional Wifi extender.

This thrown together hunk of junk was made in a matter of fifteen minutes, but significantly improves my ability to detect and use access points previously untouchable by my consumer-grade USB Wifi adapter, the DWL-G122.

I salvaged the dish from my roof, of which I didn’t even know existed until I went out back the pick weeds and noticed the oddly shaped semi-dome in a strategically hidden location. The presentation stand was found innocently wasting away in my garage.

Here’s the mounting point for the adapters. I’ll just use duct tape to secure the adapter between the two brackets, which I found while searching for my missing laptop parts. The one on the right was involved in a first-time case welding accident when I was fourteen. They’re secured by the nuts and bolts that originally held the receiver heads for the dish.

The mounting point for the Wifi adapter.

When I get the chance to bring this bad-boy outside and plant it up on my roof, I’ll record the results with the adapter unattached, and with it attached to the focal point of the dish. Last time I checked, without fine-tuning the direction, I got an average 6db gain and a few more APs became visible. Just to see if I get outrageously awesome reception, I may also try attaching my Alfa AWUS036H adapter (which I’ll be doing an upcoming review on) to the dish.

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  1. Marwan says:

    Pretty interesting, can’t wait to see the results with the adapter unattached!

  2. julia scher says:

    Some cities on the east coast have Wifi free for everyone, like Cambridge MA, but have dead spots. I wonder if they could use your technique for some of their problem spots.

  3. admin says:

    I wish they would have free Wifi in Phoenix. There’s almost no line-of-sight obstructions between the center of the metropolitan area and the surrounding valley since it’s so flat.

  4. Hey!Every other blog I have read about Usb Wifi, has been lacking in information. Your insight into Usb Wifi is sooooo much better than anything else I have read. Thanks Megan.

  5. whitenigga says:

    very interesting

  6. Mark23 says:

    Quite interesting, i thing you have done a pretty good work. waiting to hear the result with attaching a Alfa AWUS036H adapter.

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