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Is it down for everyone, or just me?

Been busy for a while, but I’m definitely not going to let the site rot. So here’s an update for those who have been waiting.

Ever try to visit one of your favorite websites for your daily dosage of internet vegetation, only to be disappointed by a 404 Error? I found a fairly useful tool I’ve been using for quite some time now that will allow you to see if, in fact, a website is up and running.

Instead of immediately leading to the conclusion that you’ve been banned, your DNS records are outdated, or your networking hardware is on the fritz,  just head on over to and see if the site actually experiencing problems. Enter the website URL to query the site, and if it doesn’t answer, then it can not be connected to by anyone.

I’m not quite sure of the method they’re employing to check, but Down For Everyone has been accurate every time that I’ve used it. Enjoy, and rest assured I will make casual updates more often, as well as share some small projects I have been tinkering with recently.

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  1. School_Boy says:

    Very nice. This will help me for so much!

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