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Life Points Calculator for Android

Using the Calculator included with Android is a pain in the ass when you’re likely to only use subtraction for a card game. The Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game is one such game that requires one to keep track of their life points to determine the victor in a ‘duel.’ Still, many players with Android phones seem content with using their Calculator along with the decimal trick to track both players’ LP. I find this to be annoying and unreliable; one wrong click and next thing you know you’re both unsure of each others’ life points. With this in mind, and the dissatisfying lack of options for such an open platform as Android, I built my own life points calculator.

Before getting out my drawing board and 24-pack of Hot Pockets, I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in having a simpler, more intuitive, solution for making sure they don’t lose track of their LP. So, I took a trip to one of the local Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments and asked around. I was surprised by the prevalence of the G1 and myTouch 3G among the crowd. One group of friends all had Android handsets, the G1, myTouch, and a Droid; my perfect target for this survey. As it turns out, they were rather intrigued by the prospect of having an App for their device that could manage their duels and make their lives easier when it came to recording and calculating life points. This was all the incentive I needed to start my project.

And so it became, my first App for Android, an alpha build of my Life Points Calculator:

From LP Calc

This release will only be available on here. It was compiled and tested to run on the Android 1.6 platform, but should work fine on later versions (Please let me know if it doesn’t.) Once all the bugs are hammered out it’ll be available on the market for free.


  • Basic table interface for two players
  • Commonly used LP decrements/increments
  • Reset button for each player

  • Points display trailing decimal digit
  • Does not render correctly in landscape mode
    Fix/Todo list:

  • Store points as integers
  • Fix landscape bug
  • Add saving state
  • Add persistent backlight option
  • Add custom decrement/increment value
  • Add ‘Halve Lifepoints’ button
  • Add monochrome/multicolor support, remove crappy design job, add sexy theme support

Download ‘Life Calculator.apk’ to the root of your SD card. Make sure you have your phone set to install non-market Apps by going to Settings > Application Settings, tick the checkbox next to ‘Unknown sources.’ Use ASTRO file manager or similar to install it.
Next version will be easier to install from the Android Market.

Strictly as a precaution, I am not responsible or liable for any damage to your device or loss of data. This is a test release, therefor I can not offer any support whatsoever.

LP Calc 0.1a

Please leave any suggestions or feedback you may have in the comments below. I am excited to add more features and would like to hear what you have it mind. Thanks for trying it out!

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