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Mid-March blues, Panacea for the poor

After going through my birthday in late February and having a few days of fun, I get slapped in the face with a pesky cold. The incurable disease kept me in bed for two days and on a nose-blowing tissue binge for a week! I wasn’t about to damage my liver with cough medicine or try my neighbor’s sacrificial voodoo rituals. Relief wasn’t out of the picture though.

I remember hearing about a simple device from Malice, an old online buddy in the Airforce who hails from Texas, that clears just about every inch of your cranial cavity of foul mucous from out of your nostrils. He was referring to the Neti Pot. This remarkable piece of pseudo-medical gadgetry saved me clountless hours of sleeplessness and allowed me to comfortabley go about my day inside while recovering. It also helped me continue work on a lot of new programs, like the TinyPaste client and a multipurpose IRC bot.

The snot-clearing procedure with the Neti Pot is rather simple. Fill the tea-pot or genie-lamp shaped apparatus with some mildy warm purified or distilled water, and pour in a small amount of salt. Tilt your head forward over a sink, pour the concoction in to one of your nostrils, and allow the liquid to exit the other side. The sensation of all that crap coming out is fantastic. I repeated the steps several times, blowing my nose in-between rounds to get the excess out, untill all of the saline was gone.

I was able to find a cheap variant from Walgreens for about $10. It came with a funky blue-looking pot with a rather questionably shaped spout, a mini-pamphlet explaining the benefits of the Neti Pot as well as how to use it, and 50 packets of pre-measured pharmaceutical grade salt powder, enough to last me for many days of sniffle inducing disease.

Man, this feels like some sort of paid product review.. But seriously, if you’re reading this and you have a bad cold, you should really check this thing out. It’s apparantly very safe to use and it’s generally accepted by docters to relieve nasil symptoms. As you can see, I’ve rarely been writing about anything these days, so if I’ve gone out of my way to convince you, this thing must be of pretty biblical porportions. We’re talking epic burning bush, fire and brimstone sorts of win here. I don’t know where I’d be with out my new Neti Pot.

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