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Motorola Droid Rooted

It was only a matter of time.  Verizon’s flagship Android handset was finally rooted the other day. For those with Droids, I highly suggest you get the rooted ROM before an OTA patch is pushed.

The process is fairly simple. Here’s the link to the XDA forums with the How-To:


Instructions (source XDA Developers):

1 – Download the file from: (md5sum cf653352967253e99d967498ffd9ce69).
Do not extract.
2 – Rename the file to “”.
3 – Plug your Droid into your computer via USB. On the Droid go to the Notifications bar and select “USB Connected” then press “Mount“.
4 – Once the device is mounted, the SD card will show as a removable device on your computer
5 – Put the “” file you just renamed into the Root (top) directory of your SD Card.
6 – Unmount the device from your computer, and turn the Droid off.
7 – Hold down the “X” key on the physical keyboard and while doing so press the power button. Hold both of them down until you see a Triangle with an !.
8 – Press the Vol+ and the Camera button together until you get a menu.
9 – Using the D-pad on the physical keyboard, select the option to update with the file.
10 – This should take a little bit. Once it’s done select the option to reboot the phone.

Now you can download a root application, or terminal emulator and try out your new found root access.

This works with 2.0.1

Please do not start removing any applications just yet. You will run into problems trying to flash anything. Wait until we have a recovery image made.

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